Protected area effectiveness


Protected areas have long been recognised as an important tool for protecting biodiversity, and are now increasingly recognised for their role in protecting carbon; recent global analyses by UNEP-WCMC (2008) have shown that approximately 15% of the global carbon stock is currently found within protected areas. Carbon emissions from deforestation account for an estimated 20% of global carbon emissions (IPCC 2007.

In collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and the University of Queensland, we aim to measure protected area effectiveness, at a regional and national scale, using a landscape modelling approach. As part of this project we are working to update and analyse the Protected Areas Management Effectiveness (PAME) database, which is linked to the

World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA), and holds information on the management and governance of over 6000 protected areas worldwide.

ECI Researcher: Dr Lauren Coad.

Selected Publications:

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